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Video Production Services

Need a videographer? We’ve got you covered! Apex Creative offers videography services for Testimonials, Presentations, Weddings, Special Events, and more! Video is an important part of any business strategy to help bring it to life and inspire your audience. Not in the Nashville, TN area? Don’t worry, We are happy to travel to you in order to create a unique video to present your brand or event in its best light.

  • Consultation — Face to face or virtual to set goals and expectations.
  • Techniques — Discover styles and angles to present your vision appropriately.
  • Storyboard — Pinpoint what is needed to be produced and the flow of how it will be assembled.
  • Production — We will begin shooting and producing video content that will then be edited for proofs.
  • Revisions — Proofs will be reviewed and any revisions can be made.
  • Delivery — After final approvals, we will deliver your new production to you to share with your clients and customers to tell your story in a new, creative, impactful and expressive way.
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Photography Services

Headshot Photo
Headshot Photo
Product Photo
Product Photo

Need a photographer in the Nashville area? Apex Creative offers photography services to capture Product Images, Social Media & Marketing content, Headshots, Vehicles, and Special Events.

  • Consultation — Similar to our videography process, we will consult either face to face or virtually to set goals and expectations.
  • Discussion — Set the different styles and artistic feels to either accentuate the current feeling of your brand or to take a different approach for a certain project you’re venturing into.
  • Shoot — We will begin shooting in either your workplace, or some other designated location for however long of a quoted time frame agreed upon in our consultation.
  • Editing — After the shoot is over, every image is retouched and tailored to suit your brand properly. We will send you proofs to approve and then we will finish up our editing process.
  • Delivery — Photos will be delivered in an optimized format for what their main purpose will be for, whether social media, printed, web pages, etc.
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Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management

Because of social media’s continual explosive growth and engagement it’s imperative to have a successful social media presence to interact directly with your clients and customers. Contact Us and we will develop an effective social media management strategy to increase your engagement and interactions.

  • Consultation — A plan of action will be created to either start your social media accounts or sit down and audit your current social media presence and see where we can make improvements.
  • Scheduling — A timeline for your posts will be created to accommodate your schedule and ability to interact with your audience. Content is created on a month to month basis and can be geared to target a certain audience or optimized to promote specific products directly.
  • Analytics — Reports and analytics are generated to see your new growth and give us the ability to adjust your accounts to engage your clients and customers more and build a stronger relationship between them and your brand.
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Media Production Packages

The Standard

$ 900

  •  45 Second Video
  •  10 High-Resolution Images
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Optimized Video Segments

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The Hi-DefGreat Choice for Small Businesses

$ 2,000

  •  60 Second Video
  •  20 High-Resolution Images
  • (2) Infographics
  • (2) 15 Second Social Media Optimized Video Segments

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The 4K

$ 4,000

  • (2) 60 Second Videos
  •  30 High-Resolution Images
  • (6) Infographics
  • (4) 15 Second Social Media Optimized Video Segments

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What is an Infographic?

An infographic is explained simply by its name – It is a set of information that is displayed in a graphic. This can be anything from showing how a service can improve results for a client or even how a product can help improve productivity or cost. Infographics are an effective tool to present data and explain complex issues in a way that can quickly lead to insight and better understanding for any user.

With Apex Creative, we can help produce custom, high-quality infographics by combining our photography and video production services to produce stunning graphics that can drive revenue and increase user interaction across all platforms.

What Types of Content does Apex Creative Produce?

Apex Creative focuses on media production with a wide array of video, photography, and general graphical content including: product images, informational videos, headshot photography, interview videos, and more. Apex Creative takes pride in delivering specialized content that is created uniquely for your brand to provide your clients with a personalized experience.

Media Production

Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Platforms

Which Social Media Platforms are Supported?

Social media production is a key part of any brand management strategy and Apex Creative focuses only on the most important players. We will produce content specifically optimized for Facebook and Instagram to tell your brands story. Text posts will be optimized to include hashtags and key phrases related to the accompanying media.

What Types of Social Media Content can I Expect?

Apex Creative focuses on media production for your social media platforms to present content, including video production and photography, of your brand’s process and products. We focus on displaying which types of products or services your brand provides and how they are unique or better than the competition.

Client-acquisition is heavily decided by the types of content pushed to viewers on any social media stream, so Apex Creative will research the best type of content to help sway your desired demographic to choose your product or service. Client retention is also considered when posting to ensure you maintain a healthy balance of returning and new users or clients.

Note: Apex Creative does not engage with clients or users.

Social Media Content

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