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About Apex Creative

What Makes Apex Creative Media Different Than the Competition?

What sets Apex Creative Media apart is how personal we are with our clients. It is our goal to be the best at anything we work on, and every single client is important to us. We understand the meaning behind the goals and aspirations of every business, and we are there right alongside the client and their team to make sure their story is told in the most effective way possible. Our team consists of creatives and business-minded individuals with diverse industry backgrounds who are continually working toward perfecting their craft. Since our team has such diverse backgrounds in both creative fields and business development, it becomes simple to tie in design and development decisions with business goals. We go the extra mile to effectively understand every client’s goal before, during, and even after we complete a project by analyzing the result.

Social media is a very powerful tool and Apex Creative understands the potential it can have in improving the reach of any business, small and large alike. We produce high quality content such as product photography, action shots, video interviews, and general posts that will help our clients connect with and grow their audiences. We dive deep into understanding our client’s needs to consider how our other services and resources, such as website development, can tie in with helping an organization reach their goals. We take website design even further by not only designing beautiful, functional, fast sites, but we also study the metrics and optimization to help boost a business’s online reach online. We use an advanced set of tools to guarantee our clients have a quick, user-friendly site that is perfectly crafted for their industry.

Overall, Apex Creative Media’s goal is to analyze and understand every business we work alongside with while also producing top tier content that can compete in any industry. We take on every project personally with an open, analytical mindset to make sure every business’s story is told.

Content Guru

Rainer Schuertzmann

A native of Florida, Rainer began his career in digital media over a decade ago as a freelance concert promotor, artist manager and sound technician for several smaller-scale venues and bars. Upon his graduation from the Florida Institute of Recording, Sound and Technology in 2014, Rainer held several roles as an audio engineer, audio visual technician, and event and staging technician in and around the Orlando, FL area.

After several years of building his audio career in Florida, Rainer took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville to further his career even more in Music City. Soon after moving, he founded the Nashville Audi Club, which has become one of the most active and fastest growing car clubs within the automotive community. Automotive photography was naturally appealing to Rainer and this quickly became another creative outlet for him. He began to explore more visual outlets and found video production was a natural fit.

Rainer finds much reward in building relationships with clients and finding new ways to make expressive works of art. He believes everyone has some creativity within them, and he is excited to partner with Justis to use Apex Creative to extract that creativity and help grow local brands to their true potential.

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