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Our Creative Services


Stunning photography to capture Product Images, Social Media & Marketing content, Headshots, Vehicle showcases, Real Estate listings, and Events.

Video Production

Thoroughly-planned video productions for Testimonials, Presentations, Product Reviews, Service Features, Special Events, and more!

Media Editing

We provide photo and video editing services to those who need a professional touch to finish off the media they’ve already created for internal or external use.


Research driven and SEO rich copywriting for your blog or newsletters that most importantly, relates to the brand that you’ve built!

Our Process


  1. Consultation — Similar to our videography process, we will consult either face to face or virtually to set goals and expectations. We will establish the styles and artistic feels to either accentuate the current feeling of your brand or to take a different approach for a certain project you’re venturing into.
  2. Shoot — We will begin shooting in either your workplace, or some other designated location for however long of a quoted time frame agreed upon in our consultation.
  3. Editing — After the shoot is over, every image is retouched and tailored to suit your brand properly. We will send you proofs to approve and then we will finish up our editing process.
  4. Delivery — Photos will be delivered in an optimized format for what their main purpose will be for, whether social media, printed, web pages, etc.
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Our Process

Video Production

  1. Consultation — Face to face or virtual to set goals and expectations. We want to learn more about your brand and your ideal customers. We’ll also uncover what your production goals are.
  2. Storyboard — After we learn more about who you are, we’ll then dive deeper into the feeling of your production and what the best way to create your vision appropriately is by looking into different techniques, styles and angles that may suit you better and give you the ability to be a part of our creative process. Once we’ve pinpointed what you’re looking to produce, we’ll then create a storyboard to show the general flow of how things will be put together.
  3. Production — We will begin shooting and producing video content from various angles with as many takes needed to achieve the shots for our final draft.
  4. Editing — This will be where everything is cut down, color graded and stylized to become something unique to you and your brand. When editing is finished, a proof will be sent to review for any revisions needed included in the package chosen.
  5. Delivery — After final approvals, we will deliver your new production to you to share with your clients and customers to tell your story in a new, creative, impactful and expressive way.
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