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1 – You’re not posting your own content!

Sharing other people’s posts is all well and good, but it has a time, place and specific purpose when building a social media strategy. Only posting shared content is basically “filler” content. What we mean by that, is you’re usually creating more engagement for the profile you’re sharing the content from, than for yourself if you would have posted so. Posting your own content builds your brand and online persona. With a solid strategy to show people what they want to see and interact with, you’ll get a continuous boost to your socials that you just won’t get while constantly sharing content that isn’t original.

2 – Can you be found?

Geotagging is simple and a powerful tool for your socials. With just simply putting a location, social media platforms can share that content to people within your general area. Letting more people that don’t already follow you see what you’re posting, and within your general area. If you’re a business, that means you can reach more potential customers organically and with easier marketing efforts.

3 – Are your followers talking to a brick wall?

Followers that comment, message or share your content and never receive any responses are more likely to stop if you don’t give them some sort of engagement back. One of the most important things to remember and to honestly exploit as much as you can, is that social media is one of the easiest ways to build a direct relationship with people. Whether this is for your personal or business pages, you are able to connect one on one with thousands of people and start building a strong relationship that you may not have had the opportunity to in another setting.

4 – It’s not business, it’s personal!

This goes hand in hand with talking to your followers. While not engaging with your followers will make them lose interest easily, so will replying like a robot. This is why canned responses get people annoyed really quickly. Imagine you’re trying to talk to someone for customer service and you can’t get past the automated responses…It’s the worst, right? It’s the same way with social media, only people directly relate your social media to the face of your company. So, sit down, take a minute, and respond with a bit of soul and character to the words you’re typing in that comment.

5 – Inconsistency is a terrible thing!

Posting consistently can be a difficult thing for someone who is busy, such as most business owners. Wearing multiple hats and trying to grow a business, while needing to post on a schedule is easily forgotten. But, that unfortunately can lead to your social profiles being forgotten, as well. While we may not directly think about social media as businesses we all use, they are. They thrive on the content we post, because it keeps users coming back more frequently. So, it tends to favor the ones that give content to them consistently. We’re not saying you need to post every hour on the hour, or even every day. But, consistency is key, and will help in a lot of things with building your strategy and overall growth.

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