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Everything you share with the world creates a narrative of how people will see your personal or professional brand. It’s that simple. The content that you create sends a message about how you want to be seen by the public.

There’s an ocean of possibilities when it comes to ways to create content and what kind of content is going to benefit you the most, but that’s a topic for another time! ( Subscribe to our newsletter for that. 😉 ) We’re going to be talking about 3 specific common “looks” of content that give a vibe to your brand. These looks are the “light and airy” look, the high contrast “dark and moody” look, and just an everyday approach without editing that could be shot with someone’s phone. The names and terms of these kind of do them justice of accurately describing them, but we’ll jump in a bit more in depth.

Light and Airy Photo

Example of a Light and Airy Photo

Light and Airy

Think bright and almost a bit hazy. This is often used by brands to add somewhat of a calming feeling to their image. Less contrast and slightly muted colors are the common characteristics of this style. You’ve seen this before with the images of people walking through a field with bright sun and flowers everywhere, everything is beautiful and perfect. You know what I mean. This is also pretty common for some modern e-commerce product photography, as well. It’s fairly easy to create content that is light and airy as long as you have a decent amount of light and the ability to edit your images.

Dark and Moody Photo

Example of a Dark and Moody Photo

Dark and Moody

Think heavy shadows and bold colors. These are usually used to create deeper emotions and can often give a higher-end look to images. When picturing this, think about alcohol advertisements or shadowy headshots. The main characteristics of this are usually higher contrast and specifically enhanced colors. You usually focus on colors that resonate with the subject and draws your focus to where you want. If you prefer to give off a deeper sense of emotion with your brand, this is the look for you. You don’t typically find this imagery with larger people-based service brands, though. Light and airy is more commonly used in those scenarios to show how easy it is to do business with them. Use dark and moody shots to emotionally tie your subjects to your brand.

Point and Shoot Photo

“Point and Shoot” Photo

The Point and Shoot

Alright, so maybe not the best name, but an accurate description. This is content that is created just by anyone who isn’t a professional photographer or videographer. Content that shows you doing everyday things that have to do with your brand. You don’t have to have a specific style, but it just shows…you! There isn’t normally a polished professional look. Things aren’t typically staged or organized in a way to portray the perfect shot. The benefit to this style is that it’s natural. You don’t have to spend as much time or money to show what you’re doing. The negatives are typically that if you don’t have much creativity in this type of content creation, you’re likely going to have less than ideal results. As anyone can fit this style, you still need to set yourself apart in some way, or you’ll be lost in a sea of ever-growing content by the minute.

Now that you know a few things about how different styles of content portray you, what do you think fits your brand the best? Are you light and airy to show off your bright personality or ease of use? Maybe dark and moody to show some emotion and bond with your audience? What about just someone who likes to show what’s going on in their daily life? All of these have the possibility to better your brand in some way or another.

Apex Creative offers monthly content creation services to build your brand with quality photography and videography that is bound to get you noticed. We discuss your goals, ideals, your current brand focus and design a plan to get you closer to achieving those goals and likely give you some time back in the process. Wanna set up a time to chat and see if we’re a good fit? Let’s do it!

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